Subpixel-Precise Tracking of Rigid Objects in Real-time

  • 2018-07-05 11:54:41
  • Tobias Böttger, Markus Ulrich, Carsten Steger
  • 23


We present a novel object tracking scheme that can track rigid objects inreal time. The approach uses subpixel-precise image edges to track objects withhigh accuracy. It can determine the object position, scale, and rotation withsubpixel-precision at around 80fps. The tracker returns a reliable score foreach frame and is capable of self diagnosing a tracking failure. Furthermore,the choice of the similarity measure makes the approach inherently robustagainst occlusion, clutter, and nonlinear illumination changes. We evaluate themethod on sequences from rigid objects from the OTB-2015 and VOT2016 datasetand discuss its performance. The evaluation shows that the tracker is moreaccurate than state-of-the-art real-time trackers while being equally robust.


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