Differential Diffusion: Giving Each Pixel Its Strength

  • 2023-06-01 18:47:06
  • Eran Levin, Ohad Fried
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Text-based image editing has advanced significantly in recent years. With therise of diffusion models, image editing via textual instructions has becomeubiquitous. Unfortunately, current models lack the ability to customize thequantity of the change per pixel or per image fragment, resorting to changingthe entire image in an equal amount, or editing a specific region using abinary mask. In this paper, we suggest a new framework which enables the userto customize the quantity of change for each image fragment, thereby enhancingthe flexibility and verbosity of modern diffusion models. Our framework doesnot require model training or fine-tuning, but instead performs everything atinference time, making it easily applicable to an existing model. We show bothqualitatively and quantitatively that our method allows better controllabilityand can produce results which are unattainable by existing models. Our code isavailable at: https://github.com/exx8/differential-diffusion


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