Computational Language Assessment in patients with speech, language, and communication impairments

  • 2023-05-31 18:20:45
  • Charalambos Themistocleous
  • 0


Speech, language, and communication symptoms enable the early detection,diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of neurocognitive diseaseprogression. Nevertheless, traditional manual neurologic assessment, the speechand language evaluation standard, is time-consuming and resource-intensive forclinicians. We argue that Computational Language Assessment (C.L.A.) is animprovement over conventional manual neurological assessment. Using machinelearning, natural language processing, and signal processing, C.L.A. provides aneuro-cognitive evaluation of speech, language, and communication in elderlyand high-risk individuals for dementia. ii. facilitates the diagnosis,prognosis, and therapy efficacy in at-risk and language-impaired populations;and iii. allows easier extensibility to assess patients from a wide range oflanguages. Also, C.L.A. employs Artificial Intelligence models to inform theoryon the relationship between language symptoms and their neural bases. Itsignificantly advances our ability to optimize the prevention and treatment ofelderly individuals with communication disorders, allowing them to agegracefully with social engagement.


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