Neural Machine Translation with Dynamic Graph Convolutional Decoder

  • 2023-05-28 12:58:07
  • Lei Li, Kai Fan, Lingyu Yang, Hongjia Li, Chun Yuan
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Existing wisdom demonstrates the significance of syntactic knowledge for theimprovement of neural machine translation models. However, most previous worksmerely focus on leveraging the source syntax in the well-known encoder-decoderframework. In sharp contrast, this paper proposes an end-to-end translationarchitecture from the (graph \& sequence) structural inputs to the (graph \&sequence) outputs, where the target translation and its corresponding syntacticgraph are jointly modeled and generated. We propose a customized DynamicSpatial-Temporal Graph Convolutional Decoder (Dyn-STGCD), which is designed forconsuming source feature representations and their syntactic graph, andauto-regressively generating the target syntactic graph and tokenssimultaneously. We conduct extensive experiments on five widely acknowledgedtranslation benchmarks, verifying that our proposal achieves consistentimprovements over baselines and other syntax-aware variants.


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