Rectifying Group Irregularities in Explanations for Distribution Shift

  • 2023-05-25 18:57:46
  • Adam Stein, Yinjun Wu, Eric Wong, Mayur Naik
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It is well-known that real-world changes constituting distribution shiftadversely affect model performance. How to characterize those changes in aninterpretable manner is poorly understood. Existing techniques to address thisproblem take the form of shift explanations that elucidate how to map samplesfrom the original distribution toward the shifted one by reducing the disparitybetween these two distributions. However, these methods can introduce groupirregularities, leading to explanations that are less feasible and robust. Toaddress these issues, we propose Group-aware Shift Explanations (GSE), a methodthat produces interpretable explanations by leveraging worst-group optimizationto rectify group irregularities. We demonstrate how GSE not only maintainsgroup structures, such as demographic and hierarchical subpopulations, but alsoenhances feasibility and robustness in the resulting explanations in a widerange of tabular, language, and image settings.


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