Securing Deep Generative Models with Universal Adversarial Signature

  • 2023-05-25 18:59:01
  • Yu Zeng, Mo Zhou, Yuan Xue, Vishal M. Patel
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Recent advances in deep generative models have led to the development ofmethods capable of synthesizing high-quality, realistic images. These modelspose threats to society due to their potential misuse. Prior research attemptedto mitigate these threats by detecting generated images, but the varying tracesleft by different generative models make it challenging to create a universaldetector capable of generalizing to new, unseen generative models. In thispaper, we propose to inject a universal adversarial signature into an arbitrarypre-trained generative model, in order to make its generated contents moredetectable and traceable. First, the imperceptible optimal signature for eachimage can be found by a signature injector through adversarial training.Subsequently, the signature can be incorporated into an arbitrary generator byfine-tuning it with the images processed by the signature injector. In thisway, the detector corresponding to the signature can be reused for anyfine-tuned generator for tracking the generator identity. The proposed methodis validated on the FFHQ and ImageNet datasets with various state-of-the-artgenerative models, consistently showing a promising detection rate. Code willbe made publicly available at \url{}.


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