UMat: Uncertainty-Aware Single Image High Resolution Material Capture

  • 2023-05-25 18:59:04
  • Carlos Rodriguez-Pardo, Henar Dominguez-Elvira, David Pascual-Hernandez, Elena Garces
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We propose a learning-based method to recover normals, specularity, androughness from a single diffuse image of a material, using microgeometryappearance as our primary cue. Previous methods that work on single images tendto produce over-smooth outputs with artifacts, operate at limited resolution,or train one model per class with little room for generalization. Previousmethods that work on single images tend to produce over-smooth outputs withartifacts, operate at limited resolution, or train one model per class withlittle room for generalization. In contrast, in this work, we propose a novelcapture approach that leverages a generative network with attention and a U-Netdiscriminator, which shows outstanding performance integrating globalinformation at reduced computational complexity. We showcase the performance ofour method with a real dataset of digitized textile materials and show that acommodity flatbed scanner can produce the type of diffuse illumination requiredas input to our method. Additionally, because the problem might be illposed-more than a single diffuse image might be needed to disambiguate the specularreflection- or because the training dataset is not representative enough of thereal distribution, we propose a novel framework to quantify the model'sconfidence about its prediction at test time. Our method is the first one todeal with the problem of modeling uncertainty in material digitization,increasing the trustworthiness of the process and enabling more intelligentstrategies for dataset creation, as we demonstrate with an active learningexperiment.


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