XRoute Environment: A Novel Reinforcement Learning Environment for Routing

  • 2023-05-23 09:46:25
  • Zhanwen Zhou, Hankz Hankui Zhuo, Xiaowu Zhang, Qiyuan Deng
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Routing is a crucial and time-consuming stage in modern design automationflow for advanced technology nodes. Great progress in the field ofreinforcement learning makes it possible to use those approaches to improve therouting quality and efficiency. However, the scale of the routing problemssolved by reinforcement learning-based methods in recent studies is too smallfor these methods to be used in commercial EDA tools. We introduce the XRouteEnvironment, a new reinforcement learning environment where agents are trainedto select and route nets in an advanced, end-to-end routing framework. Novelalgorithms and ideas can be quickly tested in a safe and reproducible manner init. The resulting environment is challenging, easy to use, customize and addadditional scenarios, and it is available under a permissive open-sourcelicense. In addition, it provides support for distributed deployment andmulti-instance experiments. We propose two tasks for learning and build afull-chip test bed with routing benchmarks of various region sizes. We alsopre-define several static routing regions with different pin density and numberof nets for easier learning and testing. For net ordering task, we reportbaseline results for two widely used reinforcement learning algorithms (PPO andDQN) and one searching-based algorithm (TritonRoute). The XRoute Environmentwill be available at https://github.com/xplanlab/xroute_env.


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