Segment Any Anomaly without Training via Hybrid Prompt Regularization

  • 2023-05-18 06:52:06
  • Yunkang Cao, Xiaohao Xu, Chen Sun, Yuqi Cheng, Zongwei Du, Liang Gao, Weiming Shen
  • 43


We present a novel framework, i.e., Segment Any Anomaly + (SAA+), forzero-shot anomaly segmentation with hybrid prompt regularization to improve theadaptability of modern foundation models. Existing anomaly segmentation modelstypically rely on domain-specific fine-tuning, limiting their generalizationacross countless anomaly patterns. In this work, inspired by the greatzero-shot generalization ability of foundation models like Segment Anything, wefirst explore their assembly to leverage diverse multi-modal prior knowledgefor anomaly localization. For non-parameter foundation model adaptation toanomaly segmentation, we further introduce hybrid prompts derived from domainexpert knowledge and target image context as regularization. Our proposed SAA+model achieves state-of-the-art performance on several anomaly segmentationbenchmarks, including VisA, MVTec-AD, MTD, and KSDD2, in the zero-shot setting.We will release the code at\href{}{}.


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