A Genetic Fuzzy System for Interpretable and Parsimonious Reinforcement Learning Policies

  • 2023-05-17 04:09:12
  • Jordan T. Bishop, Marcus Gallagher, Will N. Browne
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Reinforcement learning (RL) is experiencing a resurgence in researchinterest, where Learning Classifier Systems (LCSs) have been applied for manyyears. However, traditional Michigan approaches tend to evolve large rule basesthat are difficult to interpret or scale to domains beyond standard mazes. APittsburgh Genetic Fuzzy System (dubbed Fuzzy MoCoCo) is proposed that utilisesboth multiobjective and cooperative coevolutionary mechanisms to evolve fuzzyrule-based policies for RL environments. Multiobjectivity in the system isconcerned with policy performance vs. complexity. The continuous state RLenvironment Mountain Car is used as a testing bed for the proposed system.Results show the system is able to effectively explore the trade-off betweenpolicy performance and complexity, and learn interpretable, high-performingpolicies that use as few rules as possible.


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