LMs stand their Ground: Investigating the Effect of Embodiment in Figurative Language Interpretation by Language Models

  • 2023-05-16 09:44:49
  • Philipp Wicke
  • 0


Figurative language is a challenge for language models since itsinterpretation is based on the use of words in a way that deviates from theirconventional order and meaning. Yet, humans can easily understand and interpretmetaphors, similes or idioms as they can be derived from embodied metaphors.Language is a proxy for embodiment and if a metaphor is conventional andlexicalised, it becomes easier for a system without a body to make sense ofembodied concepts. Yet, the intricate relation between embodiment and featuressuch as concreteness or age of acquisition has not been studied in the contextof figurative language interpretation concerning language models. Hence, thepresented study shows how larger language models perform better at interpretingmetaphoric sentences when the action of the metaphorical sentence is moreembodied. The analysis rules out multicollinearity with other features (e.g.word length or concreteness) and provides initial evidence that larger languagemodels conceptualise embodied concepts to a degree that facilitates figurativelanguage understanding.


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