Leveraging Large Language Models in Conversational Recommender Systems

  • 2023-05-13 17:40:07
  • Luke Friedman, Sameer Ahuja, David Allen, Terry Tan, Hakim Sidahmed, Changbo Long, Jun Xie, Gabriel Schubiner, Ajay Patel, Harsh Lara, Brian Chu, Zexi Chen, Manoj Tiwari
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A Conversational Recommender System (CRS) offers increased transparency andcontrol to users by enabling them to engage with the system through a real-timemulti-turn dialogue. Recently, Large Language Models (LLMs) have exhibited anunprecedented ability to converse naturally and incorporate world knowledge andcommon-sense reasoning into language understanding, unlocking the potential ofthis paradigm. However, effectively leveraging LLMs within a CRS introduces newtechnical challenges, including properly understanding and controlling acomplex conversation and retrieving from external sources of information. Theseissues are exacerbated by a large, evolving item corpus and a lack ofconversational data for training. In this paper, we provide a roadmap forbuilding an end-to-end large-scale CRS using LLMs. In particular, we proposenew implementations for user preference understanding, flexible dialoguemanagement and explainable recommendations as part of an integratedarchitecture powered by LLMs. For improved personalization, we describe how anLLM can consume interpretable natural language user profiles and use them tomodulate session-level context. To overcome conversational data limitations inthe absence of an existing production CRS, we propose techniques for building acontrollable LLM-based user simulator to generate synthetic conversations. As aproof of concept we introduce RecLLM, a large-scale CRS for YouTube videosbuilt on LaMDA, and demonstrate its fluency and diverse functionality throughsome illustrative example conversations.


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