Text Normalization using Memory Augmented Neural Networks

  • 2018-05-31 18:37:37
  • Subhojeet Pramanik, Aman Hussain
  • 33


We propose a memory augmented neural network to perform text normalizationi.e. the transformation of words from the written to the spoken form. With theaddition of dynamic memory access and storage mechanism, we present anarchitecture that will serve as a language agnostic text normalization systemwhile avoiding the kind of silly errors made by the LSTM based recurrent neuralarchitectures. By reducing the number of unacceptable mistakes, we show thatsuch a novel architecture is indeed a better alternative. Our proposed systemrequires significantly lesser amounts of data, training time and computeresources. However, some occurrences of errors still remain in certain semioticclasses. Nevertheless, we demonstrate that memory augmented networks withmeta-learning capabilities can open many doors to a superior text normalizationsystem.


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