Large-Margin Classification in Hyperbolic Space

  • 2018-06-01 16:52:16
  • Hyunghoon Cho, Benjamin DeMeo, Jian Peng, Bonnie Berger
  • 43


Representing data in hyperbolic space can effectively capture latenthierarchical relationships. With the goal of enabling accurate classificationof points in hyperbolic space while respecting their hyperbolic geometry, weintroduce hyperbolic SVM, a hyperbolic formulation of support vector machineclassifiers, and elucidate through new theoretical work its connection to theEuclidean counterpart. We demonstrate the performance improvement of hyperbolicSVM for multi-class prediction tasks on real-world complex networks as well assimulated datasets. Our work allows analytic pipelines that take the inherenthyperbolic geometry of the data into account in an end-to-end fashion withoutresorting to ill-fitting tools developed for Euclidean space.


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