Diffusion-SDF: Conditional Generative Modeling of Signed Distance Functions

  • 2023-03-16 18:59:32
  • Gene Chou, Yuval Bahat, Felix Heide
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Probabilistic diffusion models have achieved state-of-the-art results forimage synthesis, inpainting, and text-to-image tasks. However, they are stillin the early stages of generating complex 3D shapes. This work proposesDiffusion-SDF, a generative model for shape completion, single-viewreconstruction, and reconstruction of real-scanned point clouds. We use neuralsigned distance functions (SDFs) as our 3D representation to parameterize thegeometry of various signals (e.g., point clouds, 2D images) through neuralnetworks. Neural SDFs are implicit functions and diffusing them amounts tolearning the reversal of their neural network weights, which we solve using acustom modulation module. Extensive experiments show that our method is capableof both realistic unconditional generation and conditional generation frompartial inputs. This work expands the domain of diffusion models from learning2D, explicit representations, to 3D, implicit representations.


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