Re-ReND: Real-time Rendering of NeRFs across Devices

  • 2023-03-15 16:59:41
  • Sara Rojas, Jesus Zarzar, Juan Camilo Perez, Artsiom Sanakoyeu, Ali Thabet, Albert Pumarola, Bernard Ghanem
  • 35


This paper proposes a novel approach for rendering a pre-trained NeuralRadiance Field (NeRF) in real-time on resource-constrained devices. Weintroduce Re-ReND, a method enabling Real-time Rendering of NeRFs acrossDevices. Re-ReND is designed to achieve real-time performance by converting theNeRF into a representation that can be efficiently processed by standardgraphics pipelines. The proposed method distills the NeRF by extracting thelearned density into a mesh, while the learned color information is factorizedinto a set of matrices that represent the scene's light field. Factorizationimplies the field is queried via inexpensive MLP-free matrix multiplications,while using a light field allows rendering a pixel by querying the field asingle time-as opposed to hundreds of queries when employing a radiance field.Since the proposed representation can be implemented using a fragment shader,it can be directly integrated with standard rasterization frameworks. Ourflexible implementation can render a NeRF in real-time with low memoryrequirements and on a wide range of resource-constrained devices, includingmobiles and AR/VR headsets. Notably, we find that Re-ReND can achieve over a2.6-fold increase in rendering speed versus the state-of-the-art withoutperceptible losses in quality.


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