StyleGANEX: StyleGAN-Based Manipulation Beyond Cropped Aligned Faces

  • 2023-03-10 18:59:33
  • Shuai Yang, Liming Jiang, Ziwei Liu, Chen Change Loy
  • 135


Recent advances in face manipulation using StyleGAN have produced impressiveresults. However, StyleGAN is inherently limited to cropped aligned faces at afixed image resolution it is pre-trained on. In this paper, we propose a simpleand effective solution to this limitation by using dilated convolutions torescale the receptive fields of shallow layers in StyleGAN, without alteringany model parameters. This allows fixed-size small features at shallow layersto be extended into larger ones that can accommodate variable resolutions,making them more robust in characterizing unaligned faces. To enable real faceinversion and manipulation, we introduce a corresponding encoder that providesthe first-layer feature of the extended StyleGAN in addition to the latentstyle code. We validate the effectiveness of our method using unaligned faceinputs of various resolutions in a diverse set of face manipulation tasks,including facial attribute editing, super-resolution, sketch/mask-to-facetranslation, and face toonification.


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