SparseVLR: A Framework for Verified Locally Robust Sparse Neural Networks Search

  • 2023-01-30 08:40:26
  • Sawinder Kaur, Asif Salekin
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Developing robust sparse models fit for safety-critical andresource-constrained systems such as drones, autonomous robots, etc., has beenan issue of longstanding interest. The inability of adversarial trainingmechanisms to provide a formal robustness guarantee kindles the requirement forverified local robustness mechanisms. This work aims to compute sparse verifiedlocally robust networks which exhibit (benign) accuracy and verified localrobustness comparable to their dense counterparts. Towards this objective, weexamine several model sparsification approaches and present `SparseVLR'-- aframework to search verified locally robust sparse networks. We empiricallyinvestigated SparseVLR's efficacy and generalizability by evaluating variousbenchmark and application-specific datasets across several models. Above all,we provide an in-depth study and reasoning to unveil the causes for theascendancy of SparseVLR.


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