Predictive Crypto-Asset Automated Market Making Architecture for Decentralized Finance using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • 2023-01-26 11:20:57
  • Tristan Lim
  • 0


The study proposes a quote-driven predictive automated market maker (AMM)platform with on-chain custody and settlement functions, alongside off-chainpredictive reinforcement learning capabilities to improve liquidity provisionof real-world AMMs. The proposed AMM architecture is an augmentation to theUniswap V3, a cryptocurrency AMM protocol, by utilizing a novel marketequilibrium pricing for reduced divergence and slippage loss. Further, theproposed architecture involves a predictive AMM capability, utilizing a deephybrid Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) and Q-learning reinforcement learningframework that looks to improve market efficiency through better forecasts ofliquidity concentration ranges, so liquidity starts moving to expectedconcentration ranges, prior to asset price movement, so that liquidityutilization is improved. The augmented protocol framework is expected havepractical real-world implications, by (i) reducing divergence loss forliquidity providers, (ii) reducing slippage for crypto-asset traders, while(iii) improving capital efficiency for liquidity provision for the AMMprotocol. To our best knowledge, there are no known protocol or literature thatare proposing similar deep learning-augmented AMM that achieves similar capitalefficiency and loss minimization objectives for practical real-worldapplications.


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