Improving Open-Set Semi-Supervised Learning with Self-Supervision

  • 2023-01-24 16:46:37
  • Erik Wallin, Lennart Svensson, Fredrik Kahl, Lars Hammarstrand
  • 0


Open-set semi-supervised learning (OSSL) is a realistic setting ofsemi-supervised learning where the unlabeled training set contains classes thatare not present in the labeled set. Many existing OSSL methods assume thatthese out-of-distribution data are harmful and put effort into excluding datafrom unknown classes from the training objective. In contrast, we propose anOSSL framework that facilitates learning from all unlabeled data throughself-supervision. Additionally, we utilize an energy-based score to accuratelyrecognize data belonging to the known classes, making our method well-suitedfor handling uncurated data in deployment. We show through extensiveexperimental evaluations on several datasets that our method shows overallunmatched robustness and performance in terms of closed-set accuracy andopen-set recognition compared with state-of-the-art for OSSL. Our code will bereleased upon publication.


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