The Semantic Scholar Open Data Platform

  • 2023-01-24 17:13:08
  • Rodney Kinney, Chloe Anastasiades, Russell Authur, Iz Beltagy, Jonathan Bragg, Alexandra Buraczynski, Isabel Cachola, Stefan Candra, Yoganand Chandrasekhar, Arman Cohan, Miles Crawford, Doug Downey, Jason Dunkelberger, Oren Etzioni, Rob Evans, Sergey Feldman, Joseph Gorney, David Graham, Fangzhou Hu, Regan Huff, Daniel King, Sebastian Kohlmeier, Bailey Kuehl, Michael Langan, Daniel Lin, Haokun Liu, Kyle Lo, Jaron Lochner, Kelsey MacMillan, Tyler Murray, Chris Newell, Smita Rao, Shaurya Rohatgi, Paul Sayre, Zejiang Shen, Amanpreet Singh, Luca Soldaini, Shivashankar Subramanian, Amber Tanaka, Alex D. Wade, Linda Wagner, Lucy Lu Wang, Chris Wilhelm, Caroline Wu, Jiangjiang Yang, Angele Zamarron, Madeleine Van Zuylen, Daniel S. Weld
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The volume of scientific output is creating an urgent need for automatedtools to help scientists keep up with developments in their field. SemanticScholar (S2) is an open data platform and website aimed at accelerating scienceby helping scholars discover and understand scientific literature. We combinepublic and proprietary data sources using state-of-the-art techniques forscholarly PDF content extraction and automatic knowledge graph construction tobuild the Semantic Scholar Academic Graph, the largest open scientificliterature graph to-date, with 200M+ papers, 80M+ authors, 550M+paper-authorship edges, and 2.4B+ citation edges. The graph includes advancedsemantic features such as structurally parsed text, natural language summaries,and vector embeddings. In this paper, we describe the components of the S2 dataprocessing pipeline and the associated APIs offered by the platform. We willupdate this living document to reflect changes as we add new data offerings andimprove existing services.


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