WEASEL 2.0 -- A Random Dilated Dictionary Transform for Fast, Accurate and Memory Constrained Time Series Classification

  • 2023-01-24 18:10:11
  • Patrick Schäfer, Ulf Leser
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A time series is a sequence of sequentially ordered real values in time. Timeseries classification (TSC) is the task of assigning a time series to one of aset of predefined classes, usually based on a model learned from examples.Dictionary-based methods for TSC rely on counting the frequency of certainpatterns in time series and are important components of the currently mostaccurate TSC ensembles. One of the early dictionary-based methods was WEASEL,which at its time achieved SotA results while also being very fast. However, itis outperformed both in terms of speed and accuracy by other methods.Furthermore, its design leads to an unpredictably large memory footprint,making it inapplicable for many applications. In this paper, we present WEASEL 2.0, a complete overhaul of WEASEL based ontwo recent advancements in TSC: Dilation and ensembling of randomizedhyper-parameter settings. These two techniques allow WEASEL 2.0 to work with afixed-size memory footprint while at the same time improving accuracy. Comparedto 15 other SotA methods on the UCR benchmark set, WEASEL 2.0 is significantlymore accurate than other dictionary methods and not significantly worse thanthe currently best methods. Actually, it achieves the highest median accuracyover all data sets, and it performs best in 5 out of 12 problem classes. Wethus believe that WEASEL 2.0 is a viable alternative for current TSC and also apotentially interesting input for future ensembles.


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