Neural Image Compression with a Diffusion-Based Decoder

  • 2023-01-13 11:27:26
  • Noor Fathima Goose, Jens Petersen, Auke Wiggers, Tianlin Xu, Guillaume Sautière
  • 38


Diffusion probabilistic models have recently achieved remarkable success ingenerating high quality image and video data. In this work, we build on thisclass of generative models and introduce a method for lossy compression of highresolution images. The resulting codec, which we call DIffuson-based ResidualAugmentation Codec (DIRAC),is the first neural codec to allow smooth traversalof the rate-distortion-perception tradeoff at test time, while obtainingcompetitive performance with GAN-based methods in perceptual quality.Furthermore, while sampling from diffusion probabilistic models is notoriouslyexpensive, we show that in the compression setting the number of steps can bedrastically reduced.


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