Toward Building General Foundation Models for Language, Vision, and Vision-Language Understanding Tasks

  • 2023-01-12 15:03:05
  • Xinsong Zhang, Yan Zeng, Jipeng Zhang, Hang Li
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Foundation models or pre-trained models have substantially improved theperformance of various language, vision, and vision-language understandingtasks. However, existing foundation models can only perform the best in onetype of tasks, namely language, vision, or vision-language. It is still an openquestion whether it is possible to construct a foundation model performing thebest for all the understanding tasks, which we call a general foundation model.In this paper, we propose a new general foundation model, X-FM (theX-Foundation Model). X-FM has one language encoder, one vision encoder, and onefusion encoder, as well as a new training method. The training method includestwo new techniques for learning X-FM from text, image, and image-text pairdata. One is to stop gradients from the vision-language training when learningthe language encoder. The other is to leverage the vision-language training toguide the learning of the vision encoder. Extensive experiments on benchmarkdatasets show that X-FM can significantly outperform existing generalfoundation models and perform better than or comparable to existing foundationmodels specifically for language, vision, or vision-language understanding.


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