Convolutional CRFs for Semantic Segmentation

  • 2018-05-15 12:36:12
  • Marvin T. T. Teichmann, Roberto Cipolla
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For the challenging semantic image segmentation task the most efficientmodels have traditionally combined the structured modelling capabilities ofConditional Random Fields (CRFs) with the feature extraction power of CNNs. Inmore recent works however, CRF post-processing has fallen out of favour. Weargue that this is mainly due to the slow training and inference speeds ofCRFs, as well as the difficulty of learning the internal CRF parameters. Toovercome both issues we propose to add the assumption of conditionalindependence to the framework of fully-connected CRFs. This allows us toreformulate the inference in terms of convolutions, which can be implementedhighly efficiently on GPUs. Doing so speeds up inference and training by afactor of more then 100. All parameters of the convolutional CRFs can easily beoptimized using backpropagation. To facilitating further CRF research we makeour implementation publicly available. Please visit:


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