SoK: Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks and Defences in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

  • 2023-01-11 04:25:00
  • Maxwell Standen, Junae Kim, Claudia Szabo
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Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL) is vulnerable to AdversarialMachine Learning (AML) attacks and needs adequate defences before it can beused in real world applications. We have conducted a survey into the use ofexecution-time AML attacks against MARL and the defences against those attacks.We surveyed related work in the application of AML in Deep ReinforcementLearning (DRL) and Multi-Agent Learning (MAL) to inform our analysis of AML forMARL. We propose a novel perspective to understand the manner of perpetratingan AML attack, by defining Attack Vectors. We develop two new frameworks toaddress a gap in current modelling frameworks, focusing on the means and tempoof an AML attack against MARL, and identify knowledge gaps and future avenuesof research.


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