Interpretable Hidden Markov Model-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning Hierarchical Framework for Predictive Maintenance of Turbofan Engines

  • 2023-01-11 11:20:28
  • Ammar N. Abbas, Georgios Chasparis, John D. Kelleher
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An open research question in deep reinforcement learning is how to focus thepolicy learning of key decisions within a sparse domain. This paper emphasizescombining the advantages of inputoutput hidden Markov models and reinforcementlearning towards interpretable maintenance decisions. We propose a novelhierarchical-modeling methodology that, at a high level, detects and interpretsthe root cause of a failure as well as the health degradation of the turbofanengine, while, at a low level, it provides the optimal replacement policy. Itoutperforms the baseline performance of deep reinforcement learning methodsapplied directly to the raw data or when using a hidden Markov model withoutsuch a specialized hierarchy. It also provides comparable performance to priorwork, however, with the additional benefit of interpretability.


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