Edit Probability for Scene Text Recognition

  • 2018-05-09 06:14:51
  • Fan Bai, Zhanzhan Cheng, Yi Niu, Shiliang Pu, Shuigeng Zhou
  • 24


We consider the scene text recognition problem under the attention-basedencoder-decoder framework, which is the state of the art. The existing methodsusually employ a frame-wise maximal likelihood loss to optimize the models.When we train the model, the misalignment between the ground truth strings andthe attention's output sequences of probability distribution, which is causedby missing or superfluous characters, will confuse and mislead the trainingprocess, and consequently make the training costly and degrade the recognitionaccuracy. To handle this problem, we propose a novel method called editprobability (EP) for scene text recognition. EP tries to effectively estimatethe probability of generating a string from the output sequence of probabilitydistribution conditioned on the input image, while considering the possibleoccurrences of missing/superfluous characters. The advantage lies in that thetraining process can focus on the missing, superfluous and unrecognizedcharacters, and thus the impact of the misalignment problem can be alleviatedor even overcome. We conduct extensive experiments on standard benchmarks,including the IIIT-5K, Street View Text and ICDAR datasets. Experimentalresults show that the EP can substantially boost scene text recognitionperformance.


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