SIPS: Unsupervised Succinct Interest Points

  • 2018-05-03 15:11:30
  • Titus Cieslewski, Davide Scaramuzza
  • 38


Detecting interest points is a key component of vision-based estimationalgorithms, such as visual odometry or visual SLAM. Classically, interest pointdetection has been done with methods such as Harris, FAST, or DoG. Recently,better detectors have been proposed based on Neural Networks. Traditionally,interest point detectors have been designed to maximize repeatability ormatching score. Instead, we pursue another metric, which we call succinctness.This metric captures the minimum amount of interest points that need to beextracted in order to achieve accurate relative pose estimation. Extracting aminimum amount of interest points is attractive for many applications, becauseit reduces computational load, memory, and, potentially, data transmission. Wepropose a novel reinforcement- and ranking-based training framework, which usesa full relative pose estimation pipeline during training. It can be trained inan unsupervised manner, without pose or 3D point ground truth. Using thistraining framework, we present a detector which outperforms previous interestpoint detectors in terms of succinctness on a variety of publicly availabledatasets.


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