On the Complexity of Finding a Diverse and Representative Committee using a Monotone, Separable Positional Multiwinner Voting Rule

  • 2022-11-23 18:56:44
  • Kunal Relia
  • 2


Fairness in multiwinner elections, a growing line of research incomputational social choice, primarily concerns the use of constraints toensure fairness. Recent work proposed a model to find a diverse \emph{and}representative committee and studied the model's computational aspects.However, the work gave complexity results under major assumptions on how thecandidates and the voters are grouped. Here, we close this gap and classify thecomplexity of finding a diverse and representative committee using a monotone,separable positional multiwinner voting rule, conditioned \emph{only} on theassumption that P $\neq$ NP.


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