Generalizable Implicit Neural Representations via Instance Pattern Composers

  • 2022-11-23 18:58:59
  • Chiheon Kim, Doyup Lee, Saehoon Kim, Minsu Cho, Wook-Shin Han
  • 1


Despite recent advances in implicit neural representations (INRs), it remainschallenging for a coordinate-based multi-layer perceptron (MLP) of INRs tolearn a common representation across data instances and generalize it forunseen instances. In this work, we introduce a simple yet effective frameworkfor generalizable INRs that enables a coordinate-based MLP to represent complexdata instances by modulating only a small set of weights in an early MLP layeras an instance pattern composer; the remaining MLP weights learn patterncomposition rules for common representations across instances. Ourgeneralizable INR framework is fully compatible with existing meta-learning andhypernetworks in learning to predict the modulated weight for unseen instances.Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method achieves high performance ona wide range of domains such as an audio, image, and 3D object, while theablation study validates our weight modulation.


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