ClimateNeRF: Physically-based Neural Rendering for Extreme Climate Synthesis

  • 2022-11-23 18:59:13
  • Yuan Li, Zhi-Hao Lin, David Forsyth, Jia-Bin Huang, Shenlong Wang
  • 1


Physical simulations produce excellent predictions of weather effects. Neuralradiance fields produce SOTA scene models. We describe a novel NeRF-editingprocedure that can fuse physical simulations with NeRF models of scenes,producing realistic movies of physical phenomena inthose scenes. Ourapplication -- Climate NeRF -- allows people to visualize what climate changeoutcomes will do to them. ClimateNeRF allows us to render realistic weathereffects, including smog, snow, and flood. Results can be controlled withphysically meaningful variables like water level. Qualitative and quantitativestudies show that our simulated results are significantly more realistic thanthose from state-of-the-art 2D image editing and 3D NeRF stylization.


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