ReInform: Selecting paths with reinforcement learning for contextualized link prediction

  • 2022-11-19 13:04:53
  • Marina Speranskaya, Sameh Methias, Benjamin Roth
  • 2


We propose to use reinforcement learning to inform transformer-basedcontextualized link prediction models by providing paths that are most usefulfor predicting the correct answer. This is in contrast to previous approaches,that either used reinforcement learning (RL) to directly search for the answer,or based their prediction on limited or randomly selected context. Ourexperiments on WN18RR and FB15k-237 show that contextualized link predictionmodels consistently outperform RL-based answer search, and that additionalimprovements (of up to 13.5\% MRR) can be gained by combining RL with a linkprediction model.


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