SafeLight: A Reinforcement Learning Method toward Collision-free Traffic Signal Control

  • 2022-11-20 05:09:12
  • Wenlu Du, Junyi Ye, Jingyi Gu, Jing Li, Hua Wei, Guiling Wang
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Traffic signal control is safety-critical for our daily life. Roughlyone-quarter of road accidents in the U.S. happen at intersections due toproblematic signal timing, urging the development of safety-orientedintersection control. However, existing studies on adaptive traffic signalcontrol using reinforcement learning technologies have focused mainly onminimizing traffic delay but neglecting the potential exposure to unsafeconditions. We, for the first time, incorporate road safety standards asenforcement to ensure the safety of existing reinforcement learning methods,aiming toward operating intersections with zero collisions. We have proposed asafety-enhanced residual reinforcement learning method (SafeLight) and employedmultiple optimization techniques, such as multi-objective loss function andreward shaping for better knowledge integration. Extensive experiments areconducted using both synthetic and real-world benchmark datasets. Results showthat our method can significantly reduce collisions while increasing trafficmobility.


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