Conffusion: Confidence Intervals for Diffusion Models

  • 2022-11-17 18:58:15
  • Eliahu Horwitz, Yedid Hoshen
  • 41


Diffusion models have become the go-to method for many generative tasks,particularly for image-to-image generation tasks such as super-resolution andinpainting. Current diffusion-based methods do not provide statisticalguarantees regarding the generated results, often preventing their use inhigh-stakes situations. To bridge this gap, we construct a confidence intervalaround each generated pixel such that the true value of the pixel is guaranteedto fall within the interval with a probability set by the user. Since diffusionmodels parametrize the data distribution, a straightforward way of constructingsuch intervals is by drawing multiple samples and calculating their bounds.However, this method has several drawbacks: i) slow sampling speeds ii)suboptimal bounds iii) requires training a diffusion model per task. Tomitigate these shortcomings we propose Conffusion, wherein we fine-tune apre-trained diffusion model to predict interval bounds in a single forwardpass. We show that Conffusion outperforms the baseline method while being threeorders of magnitude faster.


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