Interactively Learning to Summarise Timelines by Reinforcement Learning

  • 2022-11-14 18:24:13
  • Yuxuan Ye, Edwin Simpson
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Timeline summarisation (TLS) aims to create a time-ordered summary listconcisely describing a series of events with corresponding dates. This differsfrom general summarisation tasks because it requires the method to capturetemporal information besides the main idea of the input documents. This paperproposes a TLS system which can interactively learn from the user's feedbackvia reinforcement learning and generate timelines satisfying the user'sinterests. We define a compound reward function that can update automaticallyaccording to the received feedback through interaction with the user. Thesystem utilises the reward function to fine-tune an abstractive summarisationmodel via reinforcement learning to guarantee topical coherence, factualconsistency and linguistic fluency of the generated summaries. The proposedsystem avoids the need of preference feedback from individual users. Theexperiments show that our system outperforms the baseline on the benchmark TLSdataset and can generate accurate and timeline precises that better satisfyreal users.


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