Distributed Collaborative Hashing and Its Applications in Ant Financial

  • 2018-04-13 12:37:51
  • Chaochao Chen, Ziqi Liu, Peilin Zhao, Longfei Li, Jun Zhou, Xiaolong Li
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Collaborative filtering, especially latent factor model, has been popularlyused in personalized recommendation. Latent factor model aims to learn user anditem latent factors from user-item historic behaviors. To apply it into realbig data scenarios, efficiency becomes the first concern, including offlinemodel training efficiency and online recommendation efficiency. In this paper,we propose a Distributed Collaborative Hashing (DCH) model which cansignificantly improve both efficiencies. Specifically, we first propose adistributed learning framework, following the state-of-the-art parameter serverparadigm, to learn the offline collaborative model. Our model can be learntefficiently by distributedly computing subgradients in minibatches on workersand updating model parameters on servers asynchronously. We then adopt hashingtechnique to speedup the online recommendation procedure. Recommendation can bequickly made through exploiting lookup hash tables. We conduct thoroughexperiments on two real large-scale datasets. The experimental resultsdemonstrate that, comparing with the classic and state-of-the-art (distributed)latent factor models, DCH has comparable performance in terms of recommendationaccuracy but has both fast convergence speed in offline model trainingprocedure and realtime efficiency in online recommendation procedure.Furthermore, the encouraging performance of DCH is also shown for severalreal-world applications in Ant Financial.


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