Pose estimation of a single circle using default intrinsic calibration

  • 2018-04-13 12:52:42
  • Mariyanayagam Damien, Gurdjos Pierre, Chambon Sylvie, Brunet Florent, Charvillat Vincent
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Circular markers are planar markers which offer great performances fordetection and pose estimation. For an uncalibrated camera with an unknown focallength, at least the images of at least two coplanar circles are generallyrequired to recover their poses. Unfortunately, detecting more than one ellipsein the image must be tricky and time-consuming, especially regarding concentriccircles. On the other hand, when the camera is calibrated, one circle sufficesbut the solution is twofold and can hardly be disambiguated. Our contributionis to put beyond this limit by dealing with the uncalibrated case of a cameraseeing one circle and discussing how to remove the ambiguity. We propose a newproblem formulation that enables to show how to detect geometric configurationsin which the ambiguity can be removed. Furthermore, we introduce the notion ofdefault camera intrinsics and show, using intensive empirical works, thesurprising observation that very approximate calibration can lead to accuratecircle pose estimation.


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