Online Fall Detection using Recurrent Neural Networks

  • 2018-04-13 14:58:51
  • Mirto Musci, Daniele De Martini, Nicola Blago, Tullio Facchinetti, Marco Piastra
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Unintentional falls can cause severe injuries and even death, especially ifno immediate assistance is given. The aim of Fall Detection Systems (FDSs) isto detect an occurring fall. This information can be used to trigger thenecessary assistance in case of injury. This can be done by using eitherambient-based sensors, e.g. cameras, or wearable devices. The aim of this workis to study the technical aspects of FDSs based on wearable devices andartificial intelligence techniques, in particular Deep Learning (DL), toimplement an effective algorithm for on-line fall detection. The proposedclassifier is based on a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) model with underlyingLong Short-Term Memory (LSTM) blocks. The method is tested on the publiclyavailable SisFall dataset, with extended annotation, and compared with theresults obtained by the SisFall authors.


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