Comparatives, Quantifiers, Proportions: A Multi-Task Model for the Learning of Quantities from Vision

  • 2018-04-13 16:36:52
  • Sandro Pezzelle, Ionut-Teodor Sorodoc, Raffaella Bernardi
  • 2


The present work investigates whether different quantification mechanisms(set comparison, vague quantification, and proportional estimation) can bejointly learned from visual scenes by a multi-task computational model. Themotivation is that, in humans, these processes underlie the same cognitive,non-symbolic ability, which allows an automatic estimation and comparison ofset magnitudes. We show that when information about lower-complexity tasks isavailable, the higher-level proportional task becomes more accurate than whenperformed in isolation. Moreover, the multi-task model is able to generalize tounseen combinations of target/non-target objects. Consistently with behavioralevidence showing the interference of absolute number in the proportional task,the multi-task model no longer works when asked to provide the number of targetobjects in the scene.


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