Perceptual Quality Assessment for Digital Human Heads

  • 2022-09-22 09:15:37
  • Zicheng Zhang, Yingjie Zhou, Wei Sun, Xiongkuo Min, Guangtao Zhai
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Digital humans are attracting more and more research interest during the lastdecade, the generation, representation, rendering, and animation of which havebeen put into large amounts of effort. However, the quality assessment ofdigital humans has fallen behind. Therefore, to tackle the challenge of digitalhuman quality assessment issues, we propose the first large-scale qualityassessment database for three-dimensional (3D) scanned digital human heads(DHHs). The constructed database consists of 55 reference DHHs and 1,540distorted DHHs along with the subjective perceptual ratings. Then, a simple yeteffective full-reference (FR) projection-based method is proposed to evaluatethe visual quality of DHHs. The pretrained Swin Transformer tiny is employedfor hierarchical feature extraction and the multi-head attention module isutilized for feature fusion. The experimental results reveal that the proposedmethod exhibits state-of-the-art performance among the mainstream FR metrics,which can provide an effective FR-IQA index for DHHs.


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