NLP for Language Varieties of Italy: Challenges and the Path Forward

  • 2022-09-20 15:39:12
  • Alan Ramponi
  • 3


Italy is characterized by a one-of-a-kind linguistic diversity landscape inEurope, which implicitly encodes local knowledge, cultural traditions, artisticexpression, and history of its speakers. However, over 30 language varieties inItaly are at risk of disappearing within few generations. Language technologyhas a main role in preserving endangered languages, but it currently struggleswith such varieties as they are under-resourced and mostly lack standardizedorthography, being mainly used in spoken settings. In this paper, we introducethe linguistic context of Italy and discuss challenges facing the developmentof NLP technologies for Italy's language varieties. We provide potentialdirections and advocate for a shift in the paradigm from machine-centric tospeaker-centric NLP. Finally, we propose building a local community towardsresponsible, participatory development of speech and language technologies forlanguages and dialects of Italy.


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