CLIP-ViP: Adapting Pre-trained Image-Text Model to Video-Language Representation Alignment

  • 2022-09-14 06:47:02
  • Hongwei Xue, Yuchong Sun, Bei Liu, Jianlong Fu, Ruihua Song, Houqiang Li, Jiebo Luo
  • 24


The pre-trained image-text models, like CLIP, have demonstrated the strongpower of vision-language representation learned from a large scale ofweb-collected image-text data. In light of the well-learned visual features,some existing works transfer image representation to video domain and achievegood results. However, how to utilize image-language pre-trained model (e.g.,CLIP) for video-language pre-training (post-pretraining) is still underexplored. In this paper, we investigate two questions: 1) what are the factorshindering post-pretraining CLIP to further improve the performance onvideo-language tasks? and 2) how to mitigate the impact of these factors?Through a series of comparative experiments and analyses, we find that the datascale and domain gap between language sources have great impacts. Motivated bythese, we propose a Omnisource Cross-modal Learning method equipped with aVideo Proxy mechanism on the basis of CLIP, namely CLIP-ViP. Extensive resultsshow that our approach improves the performance of CLIP on video-text retrievalby a large margin. Our model also achieves SOTA results on a variety ofdatasets, including MSR-VTT, DiDeMo, LSMDC, and ActivityNet. We release ourcode and pre-trained CLIP-ViP models at


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