Multilingual Transformer Language Model for Speech Recognition in Low-resource Languages

  • 2022-09-08 22:40:41
  • Li Miao, Jian Wu, Piyush Behre, Shuangyu Chang, Sarangarajan Parthasarathy
  • 4


It is challenging to train and deploy Transformer LMs for hybrid speechrecognition 2nd pass re-ranking in low-resource languages due to (1) datascarcity in low-resource languages, (2) expensive computing costs for trainingand refreshing 100+ monolingual models, and (3) hosting inefficiencyconsidering sparse traffic. In this study, we present a new way to groupmultiple low-resource locales together and optimize the performance ofMultilingual Transformer LMs in ASR. Our Locale-group Multilingual TransformerLMs outperform traditional multilingual LMs along with reducing maintenancecosts and operating expenses. Further, for low-resource but high-trafficlocales where deploying monolingual models is feasible, we show thatfine-tuning our locale-group multilingual LMs produces better monolingual LMcandidates than baseline monolingual LMs.


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