Automated Classification of Text Sentiment

  • 2018-04-05 17:21:48
  • Emmanuel Dufourq, Bruce A. Bassett
  • 24


The ability to identify sentiment in text, referred to as sentiment analysis,is one which is natural to adult humans. This task is, however, not one which acomputer can perform by default. Identifying sentiments in an automated,algorithmic manner will be a useful capability for business and research intheir search to understand what consumers think about their products orservices and to understand human sociology. Here we propose two new GeneticAlgorithms (GAs) for the task of automated text sentiment analysis. The GAslearn whether words occurring in a text corpus are either sentiment oramplifier words, and their corresponding magnitude. Sentiment words, such as'horrible', add linearly to the final sentiment. Amplifier words in contrast,which are typically adjectives/adverbs like 'very', multiply the sentiment ofthe following word. This increases, decreases or negates the sentiment of thefollowing word. The sentiment of the full text is then the sum of these terms.This approach grows both a sentiment and amplifier dictionary which can bereused for other purposes and fed into other machine learning algorithms. Wereport the results of multiple experiments conducted on large Amazon data sets.The results reveal that our proposed approach was able to outperform severalpublic and/or commercial sentiment analysis algorithms.


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