PyDTS: A Python Package for Discrete-Time Survival (Regularized) Regression with Competing Risks

  • 2022-08-04 18:57:13
  • Tomer Meir, Rom Gutman, Malka Gorfine
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Time-to-event analysis (survival analysis) is used when the outcome or theresponse of interest is the time until a pre-specified event occurs.Time-to-event data are sometimes discrete either because time itself isdiscrete or due to grouping of failure times into intervals or rounding offmeasurements. In addition, the failure of an individual could be one of severaldistinct failure types; known as competing risks (events). This work focuses ondiscrete-time regression with competing events. We emphasize the maindifference between the continuous and discrete settings with competing events,develop a faster estimation algorithm, and present PyDTS, an open source Pythonpackage which implements our procedure and other tools fordiscrete-time-survival analysis with competing risks.


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