The Role of Environmental Variations in Evolutionary Robotics: Maximizing Performance and Robustness

  • 2022-08-04 18:58:15
  • Jonata Tyska Carvalho, Stefano Nolfi
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Exposing evolving robots to variable conditions is necessary to obtainsolutions which are robust to environmental variations and which can cross thereality gap. However, we do not yet have methods for analyzing andunderstanding the impact of environmental variations on the evolutionaryprocess, and therefore for choosing suitable variation ranges. In this articlewe introduce a method that permits us to measure the impact of environmentalvariations and we analyze the relation between the amplitude of variations, themodality with which they are introduced, and the performance and robustness ofevolving agents. Our results demonstrate that (i) the evolutionary algorithmcan tolerate environmental variations which have a very high impact, (ii)variations affecting the actions of the agent are tolerated much better thanvariations affecting the initial state of the agent or of the environment, and(iii) improving the accuracy of the fitness measure through multipleevaluations is not always useful. Moreover, our results show that environmentalvariations permit generating solutions which perform better both in varying andnon-varying environments.


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