Large Language Models and the Reverse Turing Test

  • 2022-07-28 22:22:47
  • Terrence Sejnowski
  • 17


Large Language Models (LLMs) have been transformative. They are pre-trainedfoundational models that can be adapted with fine tuning to many differentnatural language tasks, each of which previously would have required a separatenetwork model. This is one step closer to the extraordinary versatility ofhuman language. GPT-3 and more recently LaMDA can carry on dialogs with humanson many topics after minimal priming with a few examples. However, there hasbeen a wide range of reactions on whether these LLMs understand what they aresaying or exhibit signs of intelligence. This high variance is exhibited inthree interviews with LLMs reaching wildly different conclusions. A newpossibility was uncovered that could explain this divergence. What appears tobe intelligence in LLMs may in fact be a mirror that reflects the intelligenceof the interviewer, a remarkable twist that could be considered a ReverseTuring Test. If so, then by studying interviews we may be learning more aboutthe intelligence and beliefs of the interviewer than the intelligence of theLLMs.


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