Transducer-based language embedding for spoken language identification

  • 2022-07-29 10:41:24
  • Peng Shen, Xugang Lu, Hisashi Kawai
  • 0


The acoustic and linguistic features are important cues for the spokenlanguage identification (LID) task. Recent advanced LID systems mainly useacoustic features that lack the usage of explicit linguistic feature encoding.In this paper, we propose a novel transducer-based language embedding approachfor LID tasks by integrating an RNN transducer model into a language embeddingframework. Benefiting from the advantages of the RNN transducer's linguisticrepresentation capability, the proposed method can exploit bothphonetically-aware acoustic features and explicit linguistic features for LIDtasks. Experiments were carried out on the large-scale multilingual LibriSpeechand VoxLingua107 datasets. Experimental results showed the proposed methodsignificantly improves the performance on LID tasks with 12% to 59% and 16% to24% relative improvement on in-domain and cross-domain datasets, respectively.


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