Quantum Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robot Navigation Tasks

  • 2022-07-29 15:29:25
  • Dirk Heimann, Hans Hohenfeld, Felix Wiebe, Frank Kirchner
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In this work, we utilize Quantum Deep Reinforcement Learning as method tolearn navigation tasks for a simple, wheeled robot in three simulatedenvironments of increasing complexity. We show similar performance of aparameterized quantum circuit trained with well established deep reinforcementlearning techniques in a hybrid quantum-classical setup compared to a classicalbaseline. To our knowledge this is the first demonstration of quantum machinelearning (QML) for robotic behaviors. Thus, we establish robotics as a viablefield of study for QML algorithms and henceforth quantum computing and quantummachine learning as potential techniques for future advancements in autonomousrobotics. Beyond that, we discuss current limitations of the presented approachas well as future research directions in the field of quantum machine learningfor autonomous robots.


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